Subaru GDB Fuel Rail Kit



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ScarlesSubaru Impreza WRX GDB Fuel Rail

Scarleshas the latest range of High Quality, reliable fuel rail kits for vehicle-specific applications.
Increase your fuel efficiency and fuel flow with these well-designed, smooth-finish fuel rail kits bought to you by Scarles.

Subaru Legacy / Impreza WRX GDB GG Chassis - 2000 - 2007 vehicles - EJ20 engines
High-Quality Fuel rail Kit - see the difference in quality and the finish
Suit to fit onto factory intake manifolds and plenums.
Fits Top Feed Injectors

x2 Fuel Rails (1 set)
Mounting Blocks
Copper Washers
A/N Fittings

Scarles sells all your fuel system needs from SardFuel Pressure Regulators to High Quality 500HP WalbroFuel Pumps for internal or external use with a surge tank.

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