Subaru TWIN TURBO Intercooler Piping


Intercooler Piping Kit to suit Subaru Legacy TWIN TURBO

Intercooler piping kits are design to majority of the time bolt straight in unless stated otherwise above. They will replace your factory turbo intercooler set up with this front mounted intercooler set up or they will add an intercooler setup to your vehicle if your vehicle didn't have one at all.

• Bumper may need to be cut a little to fit the intercooler, nothing major and also the overflow bottle will need to be moved. Other Slight mods might be needed for the different version and years Twin Turbo Vehicle but nothing major
• To Fit your Legacy any model and B4 vehicles. Intercooler piping coming of turbos is 2" for better turbo flow and other side is 2.5".
• Vehicle applications:
Subaru GTB Legacy's
Subaru GT Twin Turbo Legacy
Subaru B4
Any Subaru Twin Turbo Vehicle

• Mandrel bent polished aluminium pipes in 2" and 2.5"
• Set of 2.5inch and 2" Silicon hoses
• Set of Tbolt Hose clamps
• Intercooler NOT included

Scarles offers the GT2 600x280x76 intercooler to suit this piping kit, as well as blow off valves to bolt on

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