Super Mini Booster G7



The G4+ 12V Super Mini Booster is an essential power reserve for recharging your vehicle or boat and supplying power and illumination when your battery dies.

Key Features:

  • It provides cold cranking power on demand.
  • Equipped with a swiftly rechargeable, long-lasting battery.
  • Lightweight, compact, and easily portable for convenient handling.
  • Conveniently storable in your vehicle, campervan, boat, or jetski.


  • Offers between 10 to 20 jump starts from a single pack when fully charged.
  • The 1200-ampere battery effortlessly jump-starts engines up to 6.5 litres (12 volts)
  • It weighs merely 5.2kg with a high-capacity 14AH
  • Includes a charger with two powerful LED lights for visibility under the bonnet in low-light conditions
  • It comes with a mains charger, car charger, and cigarette plug car adapter (for vehicles without a cigarette lighter)


  • Eliminates the need for jumper cables or another vehicle for assistance
  • Instantly starts a vehicle with a dead battery without external help
  • Minimizes the risk of damaging your vehicle's computer system, a potential issue with jump-starting from another car.
  • Easily rechargeable using a mains power source
  • Protected from both overcharging and undercharging
  • User-friendly - no reliance on other vehicles or manoeuvring in tight spaces for jump-starting
  • It can power accessories like spotlights, air compressors, DVD players, radios, electric fans, cooler boxes, and even mobile phones.
  • The LED lights double as a standard torch, ideal for emergencies


  • Dimensions: 20.4 x 16.2 x 14.4cm
  • Weight: 5.2kg
  • Output: 12V (DC)/80W
  • Maximum Current: 1200 Ampere

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