T3T4 Downpipe Flange & Gasket Combo



T3T4 Downpipe Flange & Gasket Combo

Scarles T3/T4 downpipe turbo flange & Gasket for the back of all t3t4 turbos. Will bolt straight up and can be welded onto. When you purchase a T04e turbo or a turbo with a 5 bolt rear and you need to connect your exhaust dump pipe up to the back of the turbo. You need this flange to weld onto the exhaust so you can bolt it up to the rear of your turbo.

Gasket to go between the rear of the turbo and the flange
Suited also for T04e turbos or T3/T4 turbos
Gasket is made from Multi layer Steel
Flange made from Mild Steel
5 Bolt hole pattern flange

x1 T3T4 Rear gasket
x1 T3-T4 Rear Flange

Scarlessells the popular turbo the SCR320, which is a suitable upgrade for most 2.0L petrol and 4.2L diesel motors

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