Scarles SCR280 Turbo (T3)



SCR280 turbo by Scarles. This workhorse of a turbo is great for smaller displacement engines like SR20's and RB20's because it's been designed to spool quickly. The improved torque from them makes them perfect for 2.0 - 2.5 litres motors.

For diesels like TD42's it will help improve your low-end torque for towing and have been used successfully on TD27 motors or slightly larger.

It has a turbine housing of A/R 0.36. T3 flange making easy bolt up and fitting to most your standard T3 flanged engines like the RB series and TD42's. This will fit any T3 flanged manifold or can be easily adapted to your application.

Designed, tested and extensively used in New Zealand, this turbo will not let you down for years to come.

*Turbine Housing: A/R 0.36
*Compressor Housing A/R 0.50
*Turbine Wheel: 65x56.6
*Compressor Wheel: 48.4x69.9
*High-temperature Resistance
*Anti-oxidation, Turbine Housing made of MO Ductile Iron (DI). With excellent Anti-oxidation ability.
*Outstanding durability Quality Cu-Sn Floating Bearing
*Balancing, Integral Dynamic Balancing of each unit. Off-balance amount is less than .20mg.

Fits RB turbo manifolds, ie RB25DET RB20DET works awesome with most Nissan engines like the SR20DET as long as flanges are adapted to suit

*To qualify for a warranty these must be installed by a professional.

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