Turbosmart 1/16NPT Male-1/8NPT Female Fit (Order in)



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Turbosmart Female Fitting 1/16NPT Male To 1/8NPT Adaptor is designed to be used with Turbosmart WG38, WG40 and WG45 External Wastegates, Race Port BOV, and FPR vacuum ports. It eliminates the need for incompatible fittings using 1/8NPT with Turbosmart smaller 1/6NPT reference ports. This adaptor ensures an airtight seal between your Turbosmart products and any 1/8NPT fitting, providing superior performance while protecting your engine from damage caused by leaks or inadequate seals. With Turbosmart quality construction and reliable engineering, this adaptor guarantees optimal compatibility with Turbosmart products and is an excellent addition to any Turbosmart setup. Get the perfect fit with Turbosmart Female Fitting 1/16NPT Male To 1/8NPT Adaptor.

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