Turbosmart 50mm Wastegate ProGate Lite HP 35psi - Blue



TurbosmartWastegate 50mm Pro-gate Lite HP 35psi - V Band Wastgate

Scarlesis the official dealer of Turbosmart, The ProGate-50 Lite HP is the largest wastegate in Turbosmart's high-pressure range, with a 50mm valve size. The ProGate-50 Lite HP features a specially engineered high pressure cap, designed to effectively control extreme boost pressures. With a base pressure of 35 PSI (2.4 bar), the ProGate-50 Lite HP is ideal for heavily boosted turbo diesel and drag racing applications. And at only 28mm taller than the standard ProGate-50 Lite, the HP remains ideal for tight engine bays.


* 50mm Vband Clamp Wastegate
* 35psi springs
* Inlet and Outlet Stainless Weld Flanges
* Inlet and Outlet V-Band Clamps
* 1/16 NPT Hose Barbs (5mm)
* 1/16 NPT Port Blanking Plugs
* Locking Collar Tool
* Valve Seat

Scarles offers the entire range of Turbosmartproducts and can provide any of the accessories, blow off valve springs and wastegate springs.

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