Turbosmart Boost Controller - Blue



TurbosmartIncabin Manual Boost Tee

Scarlesis the official dealer of TurbosmartBoost Controllers. Being Turbosmartyou know your getting quality, and this little guy is one of the smallest and lightest on the market. When you need to increase your boost easily with no problems. Although it is small, you can make your boost increase just by installing this correctly and turning the knob. Get's installed between from the boost line running from your wastegate.

* Suited for any turbo vehicle and can be installed into any vehicle to increase your boost.
* Manual Boost Controller
* Can be installed inside cab
* Most economical way of increasing your horsepower

* Boost Tee

Scarles offers the entire range of Turbosmartproducts and can provide any of the accessories, blow off valve springs and wastegate springs.


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