Turbosmart GenV WG45/50 Diaphragm Replacement Kit (Order in)



*NOTE* This product is not currently stocked in store, takes 2-5 working days to get in

Turbosmart has released the GenV Diaphragm Replacement Kit, designed to suit Turbosmart GenV HyperGate45 and ProGate50 Standard External Wastegates. This kit contains the necessary diaphragms, springs and other components to replace Turbosmart wastegate internals fully. The kit is easy to install, allowing users to quickly get their Turbosmart wastegate back up and running like new. With this replacement kit, Turbosmart ensures that its customers can maintain peak performance from their Turbosmart external wastegates even after years of use. Get your Turbosmart GenV Diaphragm Replacement Kit today and keep your Turbosmart external wastegate operating at its best!

Does not suit Gen4 or earlier wastegates
Does not suit GenV CG/C02 wastegates Refer TS-0550-3060

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