Walbro External Fuel Pump - Surge Tank



GENUINE WALBRO GSL392 Model 500HP external fuel pump (50mm outside diameter)

This is the ultimate fuel pump for high HP street/race applications, it is used outside of the fuel tank when you have fuel surge tank set ups. It will help take the fuel from the surge tank and feed the fuel into your engine. A must have when you are running a surge tank set up to prevent costly damage to your motor.

• Very quiet in comparison to other external pumps that cost 2-3 times more, and it flows just as well too!
• This pump is capable of supporting over 500-550 WHP with the proper fuel lines.
• High quality External fuel pump
• Flows 265 LPH at 40 psi.
• 12 Month Warranty
• Branded as TI automotive on the pumps (Parent Company of Walbro)

• Walbro External Fuel Pump
• Universal fitting kit

As well as this external fuel pump, we have your in tank pump sorted whether its a 500HP or 800HP pump that you require from Walbro.

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