Walbro/TI Automotive GSS351 350LPH Intank Fuel Pump Kit/Offset Ports (Order in)



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TI Automotive Walbro Intank GSS351 High Pressure Fuel Pump Kit

- Offset inlet and outlet ports
- Flows up to 350 litres per hour
- Supports up to 600hp at 40psi, naturally aspirated engine on petrol
- Similar dimensions, but higher flow rate than 255lph family
- Inlet and outlet offset by 180 degrees
- 39mm straight wall design for easy fitting
- Positive displacement for robust performance
- E85 compatible

This is a direct equivalent to the DeatschWerks DW300

Please note: Do not use this pump as a lift pump for a fuel surge pot or where there is a chance it will draw air.

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