Stainless Steel Hose Clamp - Worm Clamps



Stainless Steel Worm Clamp

Can be used as a worm clamp for any application needed, from automotive to things needing clamping around the house. For automotive you would use them over oil pipes, intake pipes, vacuum lines, boost lines, radiator hoses, heater hoses etc. High quality and highly durability. Used to clamp down on your silicon hose's in intercooler setups or turbo setups these will do any clamp job needed.

* We stock these in the following clamp sizes
* 8-12mm / 10-16mm / 12-22mm / 16-27mm / 20-32mm / 25-40mm / 30-45mm / 35-50mm / 40-60mm / 50-70mm / 70-90mm / 60-80mm / 80-100mm / 90-110mm / 100-120mm / 110-130mm / 120-140mm / 130-150mm / 140-160mm /
* Suited to fit based on silicon hose sizes these are clamping down to
* Inform us which clamp or clamps you require
* Made from Stainless Steel
* 8mm head on the bolt
* Width of band 8-12mm depending on the size of the clamp.

* x1 SS hose bolt Clamp

We have a range of high quality Flexi-Gripvaccum hose and silicone hose available to tidy up your engine bay and replace dried and old hoses. Sizes start from as little as 2mm inside diameter up to 20mm in vaccum hose and in silicone hose for intercooler piping it starts from 32mm / 34mm / 2" up to 4" inside diameter hoses.

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