JDM Bumper Quick Release CNC Quality BLK



Quick Release Fasteners / Quick Release Bumper Kit

These little aluminium fender kits attach onto your bumper in the corners to hold the bumper up or just for that JDM look on your bumpers. Made from quality materials and nicely finished with the Scarles logo wrapping the fastner.

• Universal kit to finish your vehicle with that JDM look
• CNC Machined Fastners
• Attaches onto any bumpers

• x4 Bolt, Nut & Washer
• x4 Alloy Fasteners
• x2 Black O Rings

As well as this amazing little unit, Scarles™ has a huge range of Prosport gauges for any vehicle. All come in 52mm diameter and will serve any purpose that you need to measure from voltage to water temperature.

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