Turbosmart BOV Kompact Plumb Back - Mazda/Subaru



Scarles is proud to present to you as an official Turbosmart dealer the Turbosmart BOV Kompact Plumb Back full recirculating Blow Off Valve aka BOV. Turbosmart's Plumb Back BOV systems recirculate all excess pressure back into the intake system. Perfect for enthusiasts who want the performance and reliability benefits of a quality BOV but want the stealthiness of no venting to atmosphere sounds.

* Supplied With: Gasket, Green Spring Rated -15 InHg (installed).
* High Quality Genuine Turbosmart Blow Off Valve

* Mazda CX7 2.3L Turbo 2006-2012
* Mazda Mazdaspeed (MPS) 3 (BK series) 2007-2009
* Mazda Mazdaspeed (MPS) 3 (BL series) 2010-2013
* Mazda Mazdaspeed (MPS) 6 2005-2007
* For Subaru WRX MY08-14 use part number TS-0203-1210.

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