Truhart Honda Integra Rear TOE ARMS



Truhart is the only road-legal suspension arms on the market. No longer do you need to struggle with getting WOF's or Certs with the Chinese made arms or non-compilable branded arms. Used to adjust the angle of the rear Toe, it will change the side friction on the wheel while the vehicle is turned. It can be adjusted from +2 degrees - -2 degrees. It is suitable for Honda EF, CRX, EG, EK, DA6, DC2

TruhartHonda Civic & Honda Integra Rear Toe Arms - New Zealand's only Road legal and certifiable arms.

* Certifiable in New Zealand & Road Legal (documents provided if needed)
* To adjust the rear toe of your vehicle
* High Quality Rubber Eye Mounts
* Fully Adjustable toe arms
* Sold Per Pair
* Fits: Honda CRX , Honda Civic EF , Honda Civic EG , Honda Civic EK , Honda Integra DA6 , Honda Integra DC2

* x1 Pair of Rear Toe Arms

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