Hose Barb to NPT Fittings 90 Degree AN8 - 3/8''



Barb to NPT Fitting in 90 Degrees

After a few years of R&D on finding the best quality fittings Scarles has now released a massive range of hose fittings and can order any fittings we don't have in stock within 2 weeks. These are perfect for your oil or fuel system setup in your vehicle and can be easily changed when needed! These really look amazing and are made of the highest qualities.

Made from quality aluminium
Alloy Finished
Reusable & easy to fit
Size: -8 ( Dash 8 ) to 3/8 NPT 90 degrees

Check out all our listings for the hose fittings we do now offer and have in stock, we have a massive range!


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