PRP Nissan RB Pro Series Trigger Kit - Black (Order in)



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Black CAS bracket and camshaft sensor bracket.

Fits the following engines:

  • RB20 / RB25 / RBB25 NEO / RB26

This is PRP's Big hitter andMOST RECOMMENDEDtrigger kit as it consists of our NEW 36 - 2 Tooth profile. Our PRO series 36-2 Crank trigger kit utilizes a MoTeC 'reluctor' type sensor and our all-new MoTeC Camshaft 'hall effect' type sensor, a completely sealed sensor with external plug system designed for applications,UP TO 3000whp.

The PRP Pro Series Trigger Kit has been tried, tested and proven onMANY 1000hp+street cars and famous motorsport cars such as world time attack open class 1st place winnerXtreme GTRand 2nd place winnerIntegrated motorsports R34.

This updated pro series trigger kit is specifically designed to be the ultimate in trigger systems with up to3 times more datathan our current 12 tooth intermediate system and it provides flawless resolution.

When designing this kit we set out to create a non-balancer-based trigger wheel as balancer casings tend to 'wander' far too much, especially when they are under load. We opted for a compact 100 mm trigger disc with a very large sensor being the ultimate sensor of choice for our intended application, hence the swept-back sensor mount design which positions everything correctly to make it all work perfectly!

The kit is supplied with the following hardware:

  • 1 piece 36-2 trigger wheel and bottom crank gear assembly.
  • MoTeC reluctor (with MoTeC support)
  • Bottom sensor mount
  • All plugs, pins, gauze, and heat shrink required.
  • Teflon shielded twin core wire.
  • Bolts and general hardware
  • Top trigger plate
  • Top trigger sensor
  • Stainless cam plate
  • Bolts and hardware Plugs, pins, heat shrink, braid
  • Optional Billet CAS bracket (at a discounted bundle rate)

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