Wheel Spacer Adapter Nut 12x1.25



Scarles‚Ñ¢ 12 x 1.25 Wheel Spacer Nut

No one likes losing their nuts, especially for their wheel spacers. Scarles‚Ñ¢ has 12x1.25 Wheel Spacer Adapter Nuts (also known as Gorilla Nuts) which are made from high quality metal and suit all Japanese vehicles. Scarles‚Ñ¢ Wheel Spacer Nuts are super slim and short so they fit spacers with slim fitments for wheel nuts.

* Auction is for one nut
* Made from High Quality Metal
* We have 12x1.25
* Suit all Japanese vehicles
* Individual Spline keys retail: $19.99 each
* Nut dimensions: 17mm tall
* Also known as Gorilla Nuts

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